A poem to Our Warrior and Princess

This time last year you were safely in my tummy
And we couldn’t wait to be your Daddy and Mummy
Precious cargo we called you our little Rocky One and Two
As we counted down the days till we’d get to meet you.
With each passing week Mammy’s belly swelled
And from the rooftop we both yelled
After each nervous scan
We added to our plan
A future full of pink and blue
It seemed our dreams were finally coming through.

Bang! Our hearts shattered, our world spun
As premature labour suddenly begun
It wasn’t our choice we need you to know
We never wanted to let you go
We wanted to move Heaven and Earth
As right now we didn’t want to be giving birth.

At 1.42 it was Liam we saw first
And we thought our hearts would surely burst
A brave Warrior you led the way
To keep our Princess safe you did pay
A better brother you would never find
You simply are one of a kind.

At 1.49 little Grace was here
Next to your brother we held you near
31 minutes breathing on Mammy’s chest
Clear in our memories these we love best
But to be with your brother you had to go
He’ll always protect you, of this we know.

A weekend we got to always treasure
Filled with love you could never measure
We played, we sang, we held your hand
Why time so brief, we’ll never understand.
A single moment we didn’t want to miss
We felt blessed with each and every kiss
Made clay prints of your hands and feet
Your loving family you got to meet
As they held you close, a million tears they cried
If love could have saved you, you never would have died.

All too soon the dreaded time was here
And we had to face every parents worst fear
Together we placed you in your white casket
Oh how we wished it was a moses basket.
We questioned how anyone could feel such pain
But then look at all we did gain
Daddy, Mammy, Grace and Liam
United forever, our own special team.
With our hearts breaking our final goodbye came too soon
But always remember we will love you to the moon (And back)

All Our Love Forever and Ever, Mammy and Daddy xxxxxxxxxx


2 thoughts on “A poem to Our Warrior and Princess

  1. I am so sorry to hear about all that you have been through. It’s not ok to have lost a baby and especially more than once. My heart goes out to you both. It’s such sad news about Liam and Grace. Sending you love and light. xx
    I can totally relate to how you felt, I was in a very similar situation. My first pregnancy I became pregnant on identical twin girls, at 22weeks we got the all clear to go on a holiday to Puerto Rico. The 2nd day after being there I had awful cramps in my stomach,I didn’t know what was going on, my waters were breaking, I was losing amniotic fluid,I didn’t know. Then my waters broke. We got a taxi 1 hour away to the hospital, nobody could speak English, it was horrendous, our worst nightmare. I was so worried about my baby twins. Eventually after scans they said I’d have to stay in Spain on a bed for the rest of my pregnancy . After hours and hours all seemed ok, the pains eased and I was in a room in a bed. My husband left to get some food for us ,we were so hungry ! About 20 mins after he left I called him and said please come back, I’m worried, my pains are getting worse and more regular, no doc had come near me and I was buzzing the bell. As soon as he came back I needed to push. There on the bed, just the two of us, Crystal and Danielle entered the world. They were beautiful, tiny, ten fingers,ten toes, just perfect. There tiny heart beats fading away. We couldn’t believe what was happening.
    There was lots of commotion between doctor’s,all shouting at me in Spanish,we didn’t understand anything. Then an Irish doc arrived, she was lovely, very sympathetic. She translated for the doctor, he said we should not take our girls back to Ireland with us, what was the point, he said they would get rid of them. We really did not know what was going on here…
    My husband had been in contact with our family . They were devastated. They said not to listen to the doc and of course we could bring our babies home to Ireland with us. He then got intouch with The insurance company . They stepped in and took over, they organized all the finer details, they were incredible. My husband was unbelievable, he was so strong for me, inside I know he must felt like dying.
    The hardest thing was leaving Spain without our babies.
    A week later our babies came home together in a little white coffin. We we’re blessed to have them with us and have a small ceremony with family and close friends and we could lay them to rest near our home.
    It was 15 years ago this July and it’s still very vivid, it still hurts so much. We are blessed with four children now and we talk about Crystal and Danielle in our house to keep their spirit alive.
    Losing a baby is one of the hardest things to have to go through. My heart goes out to anyone who has been through this. We should talk about our babies that have passed through this life and onto the next . Keep strong, the heaviness of the pain will get lighter. Light a candle, say a pray, spend time at the beach, these were my saving grace.
    Melanie. x


    1. Oh Melanie I’m so sorry Crystal and Danielle are not here with u and your family, such beautiful names for two precious babies. And I’m so sorry their birth was so traumatic, absolutely awful but I’m glad u got to bring them home to you and I hope that brings you some comfort. Sending u, Crystal, Danielle and all your family lots of love xx


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