Travelling the World

Fly, fly do not fear, Don’t waste a breath, don’t shed a tear, Your heart is pure, your soul is free, Be on your way, don’t wait for me, Above the universe you’ll climb, On beyond the hands of time, The moon will rise, the sun will set, But I won’t forget (Fly, Celine Dion)

For Liam and Grace’s funeral my aunties made blue and pink ribbons for everyone to wear. I remember my brother coming over to the car the morning of their funeral and the first thing I noticed was his lovely ribbon. I was really touched when he told me my lovely aunties had made one for everyone.

A few days later my sister in law who is an air hostess sent me photos of her ribbon on a seat in first class and in the cockpit with the pilot. She was bringing her Ribbon to New York with her and leaving it in Central Park as myself and Alan had gone there on our honeymoon. I was just blown away by her thoughtfulness.

From that day on our lovely family and friends have brought their ribbons with them on their travels and send us photos of them in iconic places. So far they’ve travelled to Old Trafford, Orlando, San Francisco, Lanzarote, Disneyland, Spain, Portugal, Washington and the White House and they even cruised down the Mississippi. I loved seeing photos of Mickey Mouse holding their ribbon in both Disneyland Paris and Disney World Orando as it’s the place every child dreams of visiting. And their ribbon even appeared on Sky Sports during a Man United game my Godson was at. It makes us so proud. Of course it is heartbreaking that Liam and Grace will never get to visit these places but it is the nicest thing our family can do to let us know they are thinking of our precious babies and bringing them with them around the World. Fly high our beautiful Warrior and Princess, we can’t wait to see where your next adventures will bring you!


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